Halcyon City Comics Presents


Scene 1:

Regler and Bertrandt (Aegis handler/counselor) discussing the aftermath of the battle against Iron Flag. Bertrandt thinks that the group could be a good influence.

Scene 2: Dynamite Jax
Group orders food from Dynamite Jax, local news footage plays “Eli Whack”: Critism is being made about lack of respect, and their general destructoin of property. At this point the TV opens up with Robo Dinosaurs attacking the train yard. The party decides to intervene

Scene 3 Train Yard Brawl
Robodino’s Assault the trainyard, some are trying to open containers, while other chase civilians away.

Amp jumps into the crowd to draw the ire of the Robo Raptors: Furi throws one of the robo raptors to the ground, but is threatened by the TREX. Regler pins the TREX between two train cars while AMP tries (fails) to find a way inside its cyber brain. As it gets flipped on the ground, it unleashes a siren.

Meanwhlie Amp is thrown by the raptor and is caught by Furi. Missle fire amp overloads, the place burns. Civilans are evacuated, by either train car or flight, Amp throws a lightning spear, it goes wide. Trex kicks him, Regler saves, Reynar goes down. Yellow card..

Tyrandon flies away with the parts.

Scene 4: Nguyen things come

Agent Nguyen discusses what happens, turns out the part was Iron Flags Matrix of Fasicms, it is what powered the android. It also allowed it to generate minions out of raw matter

Scene 5: They are going to Dock my pay

Cyberius Rex, is attacking the Aegis Docks, stealing stuff riding a machine gun chariot pulled by stegasaurus. The bullets fly towards Amp, regler pushes him out of the way (bullets bounce off). Furi rips open Trex 1’s face, spewing parts everywhere. As the holo Cyberius rex fades away, the chariot begins to plunge into the river. Furi throws the remains of the Trex at the other Trex, but fails and destroys the majority of the Pier. she then grabs a hold of its tail to keep it from running. The tail comes off and explodes


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